Alex Rae in Wonderland

We’re all a little mad here! Why not join us?

In celebration of a very special lady's 21st birthday, we took a trip through the looking glass and down the rabbit hole for a fully themed Alice in Wonderland birthday experience in the Cape Winelands.

One bite of the (not one, but three of a kind) birthday cakes and you were suddenly dwarfed by giant pansies which waved above you while you searched the treasure hunt grounds. One sip of the custom made flower punch and you found yourself sitting at the Grand Tea Party Table with the Mad Hatter and March Hare sharing rhymes and riddles. A raspberry Queen of Hearts tart distracted you for a moment and the friend next to you has transformed into a painted butterfly. A stripe-attired Tweedle presents a glass tray of miniature edible pot plants which you eat with the tiniest spoon while dodging suspended keys and floating books flicking about in the afternoon breeze.

A whirlwind mix of the believable and unbelievable, this delightful garden party ends with the March Hare waving you off down the road, his giant ears bobbing, his smile wide. "Curiouser and curiouser," you think to yourself...