Balkan Birthday Extravaganza

Animal-like shadows dancing around a midnight bonfire, but of course we’re interested!

Glowing fire in the dark night, changes in the wind and the flash of tribal patterns on skin – there’s nothing we enjoy more than celebrating the wild things in all of us. This particular Balkan Birthday Extravaganza lasted (as one should) for three days among the trees on the banks of a flowing river. Called to this other-world by a simple black and white invitation, guests arrived to a personal Balkan Birthday Anticipation Pack which included party-relevant must-haves for their weekend.

A necessary break from reality; the weekend was an ongoing enticement of night-time bonfires, Balkan music beats, decorative costume elements (fur ears, cuffs or hair feathers anyone?), an always-open breakfast cereal bar and a giant gold piñata filled with adult-friendly trinkets. As twilight began to fall on the final evening, figures could be seen searching bushes, trees and dark corners for the Out in the Wild Treasure Hunt in search of their spirit-animal treasure bags containing secret prizes to be enjoyed as the night emerged and the drums began.