The Caffeine and Class workshops are small informal engagement sessions designed to offer a casual community of entrepreneurs opportunities to chat to, and raise questions with, skilled professionals in various fields of common interest.  The concept and desired outcome is for those attending to gain knowledge on key topics, to have access (for two hours) to a professional in a selected field, and to be able to leave with essential (and often basic) information to allows them to develop their chosen ventures with more confidence and success.

The workshops are less about a subject-based lecture and more about a relaxed and engaging Q&A session with someone who can assist in answering day-to-day questions at a lower cost than hiring an expert on a one-to-one basis.  Although we severely dislike the phrase “networking” – we also hope that these offer a great space to chat to others and have a few laughs about the quirks and perks of being a local entrepreneur/freelancer.

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Sessions are coordinated for between 12 to 25 entrepreneurs at a time in relatively informal settings to engage with various knowledgeable (practical, theoretical and expert) individuals on relevant and key topics. The ticket prices are kept to a reasonable cost to allow these to be accessible so that entrepreneurs can attend relevant sessions, rather than the ticket price being a barrier to obtaining important and relevant information. A morning cup of coffee or tea and a breakfast snack (croissant, muffin etc.) are included in the ticket price. The sessions have a rough outline of points to be covered, but are largely driven by questions and engagement from the group attending.


The workshops are open to anyone interested in attending but usually this includes entrepreneurs, freelancers, soon-to-leave-the-corporate-world planners, small business owners, artists, designers, photographers, writers, as well as individuals interested in learning more about the subject matter.


  • TAX (for small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs - incorporating both business and personal tax)
  • BASIC LEGAL aspects of setting up and running a small business/freelance venture
  • PERSONAL FINANCIAL PLANNING (covering basics on investments, insurance, disability policies, pension funds etc.)
  • WEBSITE BASICS (basic website elements, things to do and not to do – especially if you’re creating your own, how to easily and correctly brief your web designer)
  • SOCIAL MEDIA BASICS (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Blogs etc. and how to navigate these for entrepreneurs)
  • PUBLIC RELATIONS (considering PR strategies, how to engage with press/media in a meaningful manner, the importance of press releases, PR events)
  • COMMUNICATION BASICS (developing self-confidence in your voice for important events and meetings, removing fear from public speaking, managing body language, finding your authentic voice)