Roll up, roll up, as the circus comes to town!

A unique and extraordinary dark-circus birthday experience to celebrate turning 30 years old on the 30th – a crown birthday and a wild whirlwind of colour, carnival music and surprises!

Our unsuspecting birthday girl was woken by circus tunes, and with barely time to drink her morning tea (what was IN that?!) she was whisked down the road to an already-waiting first group of revellers. Glitzy costumes, face-painting, puzzles, and carnival bunting - all before breakfast! This continued throughout the day with a treasure hunt around the city spurred on by riddles, clues and challenges. She was given her own circus outfit (including a hashtag-primed ringleader’s jacket), and was joined over the course of the day by a costumed circus troupe of her friends, eventually culminating (after a mock store robbery, resulting chase and arrest, and themed car ride) in a surprise forest picnic with cake and champagne!