How to Place Your Order

Nothing complicated - just a couple of quick decisions and an email to the troupe to get you exactly what you need for the perfect party!

Step One

Pick your inspiration!   Choose your event colour scheme. We offer Multicoloured, Blue, Pink, Yellow & Monochrome Pop Up Party Packs.

Click the images below to explore the different packs - scroll to the bottom of each page to see colour palette ideas

Step Two

Finalise the guest list!   Choose the kit size that best suits your event - we offer FUN or FESTIVE size options:


3m Paper Bunting  ●  20pcs Food Flags  ●  6pcs Balloons  ●  20pcs Coloured Serviettes


2pcs 3m Paper Bunting  ● 40pcs Food Flags  ●  10pcs Balloons  ●  20pcs Coloured Serviettes  ●  1 Double Shot of Giant Confetti

Step Three

Upgrade from Fun to Fancy!   Why not add some of these lovely extras to you pack for fun and flair?

Certain items can be customised to suit your event and we have plenty of ideas for fancy pieces yet to be made. Click the below images for a close up if you need more detail.

20pcs Paper Straws


6pcs Balloons


Personalised or Customised Bunting

(10 letters)   R65

20pcs Food Flags


2m Photo String with 10 Mini Pegs


20pcs Coloured Serviettes


Customised Mini Cake Bunting or Topper

from R45

3m Paper Bunting


Step Four

Hooray! It's party time!

Send us an email - source(at) - with your Pop Up Party Pack choices and any requests you may have for customised pieces. We'll be happy to chat through your order with you. 

We accept EFT payments and we will deliver or courier your Pack to you once we receive your proof of payment.

We have a delivery fee of R50 for orders within Cape Town, and a courier fee of R100 for orders within South Africa.

We process international orders on request - please let us know your country and we will let you know shipping options and cost.

Step Five

Let us come to the party!

We will reply and chat through your order with you so that your pack is tailored to your event's needs.

Once order details are finalised, packs are usually dispatched within 3 working days.

If your pack is being couriered, we will send you the tracking number and courier details.

String up your bunting, inflate those balloons and sprinkle that confetti - and ENJOY! Let us know what you loved, the creative way you used your pack and get in touch with us @troupeevents on Facebook and Instagram.