Retro 1950’s Diner Farewell

Tell me more, tell me more, but you don't gotta brag!

What makes heading off on a new adventure and saying goodbye to your team slightly easier? When they get together and throw you a custom themed farewell at your office inspired by your all-time favourite movie - Grease!

A rock ‘n roll riot of black and white with touches of pink and red – we provided some custom created décor elements to a boardroom space to re-create the feel of a retro 1950’s Diner/Drive-In.

The guests were being served pre-ordered meals that included burgers, fries and sodas and we added some other must-haves for an office farewell – popcorn, candy and cupcakes! Popcorn was displayed in retro-looking cups and while the Red Velvet Cupcakes were topped with custom movie-quote-toppers, the Vanilla Cupcakes were converted to mock milkshakes with striped straws and candy sucker cherries.

Black and white chequered cloths and classic kitsch sauce bottles brought the “diner table” image together, and these were combined with modern pink confetti balloons, movie-still polaroids, diner and drive-in chalkboard signage and retro touches like serviettes, straw dispensers and vintage vinyls.

Our favourite highlights were the vanilla “milkshake” cupcakes, the vintage milkshake glasses filled with sweets to resemble milkshakes (which are handy not only for décor but also some sweet snacks!) and the “vinyl” table top signs.

In the words of Dean Martin in 1956, “memories are made of this” – what a lovely way to celebrate!