The Great 30th Birthday Week of Surprises

A significant birthday milestone + a 30-before-30 list + enthusiastic friends and family = a week full of birthday surprises!

Determined to make turning 30 truly monumental, we worked with a close group of friends and family to bring one man's 30-Things-To-Do-Before-You-Turn-30 list into a reality experience with a mix of the epic and the ridiculous – all as a string of ongoing surprises!

This included significant schedule management and behind-the-back planning that was realised in a variety of small and large celebrations highlighting the mundane and the epic, the childish and the mature. Some of our birthday man's favourites included a Neighbour Water Fight Ambush in the local ‘hood, a Sunrise Beach Picnic gathering with family and friends, Sky Diving into the summer sky, Clay Pigeon Shooting amongst the vineyards and a Rock Show song dedication.

After all, you’re only thirty once…!