Who We Are

Let Me Tell You The Story

Our world, and our business,  is built on stories – the stories that we tell through our event experiences, the stories of those who work with us and the stories of  the guests who attend.

Sister Secrets

We are sisters who both love creative work and want to bring to life experiences that offer a chance for us, and our troupe, to dip our toes into other worlds.  We have different skills, different styles and different ways of making the impossible real, but we both have the same dream and our imaginations run with the same colours.

We love the challenge and excitement that comes from hearing custom-demand dreams and turning those fragments, images and Pinterest collections into something more concrete - a magical space that others can attend and experience. There is nothing quite like seeing someone walk into a living, breathing version of their story-world.

A Great Beauty

The call towards immersive experiences is something that has been an integral part of our lives ever since we first listened to the stories and songs told in our playroom at night, ever since we spent days deliberating our next birthday party theme and ever since we staged our first shows in full costume across the library floor.

We were lucky enough to have spent our childhood on a farm in breath-taking KwaZulu Natal. A stage where nature, and our imagination, had no boundaries. In a world of mysterious forests, hidden streams and valleys, fields of golden maize sprinkled with cosmos flowers and even lost gold mines, we created our own experiences in the twilight, playing with shadows as night fell.

Our mum, a lover of everything elegant, beautiful and theatrical, brought to our farm her city-sophistication, her suitcase of exciting family stories and dress-up finery and her never-back-down-from-a-challenge attitude. She taught us to love music, to love the richness of stories and to never settle for a world that’s less than the one we can envision. She taught us to dream up the things that we do, and we hold this ability fiercely close to our hearts, as we do her memory.

Our paths of prior experience in different, and yet relevant, fields have led us to custom-created dreams, a culmination of our strengths and differences.

We love adventure, and we love challenges. And you must too, since you've found your way here....